Cincy comicon 2016 in all of its splendor!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Woo!! New post! Joe king and I are busy enjoying the day at the cincy comicon this weekend. To see all of the random happenings head over to my instagram. @readytattooart
 Also! Huge thanks to and Mark for the support! It's been an awesome experience so far! 

There and back again, and Mindbender

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hello!! Many exciting things going on in the world of Frank Ready!

Since relocating to Oklahoma, Frank has found a different atmosphere in regards to creating art. At Off The Map in Massachusetts, he was surrounded by interesting, creative people day in and day out, but due to the success of the highly renown shop and the talent of their resident and guest artists, everyone was busy from open to close with all of the fantastic tattoo ideas the wonderful people could come up with.

Transitioning to Mind Bender in OKC has allowed some room for play in Frank’s daily life. Here, again, he is surrounded by creative artists, and all of them work tirelessly to create not only beautiful tattoos, but also art in all shapes and forms. Frank has really been enjoying bouncing ideas off of other innovative minds, seeing their creations, and absorbing other’s “art juice,” as he says, by proximity to their process.

There are many misconceptions about the Midwest. Frank is enjoying the easy-going, laid-back culture in OKC, and is already enjoying some of the benefits of “city-wide pride” since returning to his home state. He is close to his family and is happy with his decision to move. Rest assured, though, that he isn’t gone for good! He promises to return to Massachusetts regularly and fill guest spots at Off The Map whenever they’ll have him. There will be many red-eye flights and strong cups of coffee in that gentleman’s future!


Thursday, June 9, 2016

If you know me at all, you already know that i’m a huge nerd when it comes to almost any and all things comic book, cartoon, anime, movie, music related, etc. It was literally only a matter of time before my hobby began to rear its majestic head into my day job and I have to say that i am absolutely loving it… Here are just a couple of the new pieces that i've been tasked with recently. I love this style!!! I love this subject matter!!! AND I would love to make something for you. So bring me all of your cartoon weirdness and let us have a field day creating your next tattoo.

kirara from inuyasha


Star lord from Guardians of the galaxy


son goku from dragonball and dragonball gt

My gift to you (free shit inside)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lasses and laddies! Clients old and clients new, friends and family! I want to give everyone something, just as a thank you for helping me along of the years, trust in my ever growing ability, and fueling this fire that keeps me up all night creating. Sometime starting next week I'm giving you all (250 of you anyway) $50 DOLLARS toward a future tattoo from me. No expiration date, no catch, just a thank you for riding with me all these years, and for any new clients, this is just an invitation to make a memory or two with me in days to come. All you have to do is come and get it. Coming soon. So stay posted.

(To anyone out of state, don't worry, when I'm in your area again I'll make sure and have a few on me)

The one with the new years post...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Dear you,

    Welcome to 2016. Well, before I get in into that I should probably say a few words about 2015. Yeah i’ll do that, 2015, you weren’t awful. Not completely. Artistically I feel that i’ve grown by leaps and bounds in areas that I wasn’t aiming toward when the year began. A solid amount of it shifted my focus quite a bit. 2016 should see me hit the ground running with continued momentum from its predecessor. I got to meet a slew of awesome people in the midst of all of the chaos. Gabe Leonard, Dan Marshall, Tony Moore, Stefano Alcantara, Yomico Moreno, Chet Zar, Markus Lenhard, Hannah Aitchison, Jo Harrison, Hanumantra and so on and so forth, each person leaving a little bit of themselves with me whether they realized it or not. Altering my course for the better i’m sure. I hope. 2015 gave me so many good games that i've left unfinished…. well, more like under an open case of exploration to be completed at a later date, between art projects and sleep. The Last Of Us remastered, Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, Battlefront, guns up, Pixeljunk made monsters. Heroes of the storm and league (i know it's been out for a while, i was late to the game) X-com gave me enemy within and i look forward to the next installment in february. It was also a great year for blockbuster movies but as it stands right now my top ten list just reads Star Wars episode 7 and probably will until the infinity wars happens. This year I would love to nerd out a bit more with my clients and create more tattoos devoted to pop culture. I ingest so much of it that i'm really doing myself a disservice not letting it all creep full circle into my art. 2015, you weren't awful. 2016, you have some pretty big shoes to fill. No pressure. side note, hats off the Scott Snyder, Greg capullo, Danny Miki, and FCO Plascencia for bringing it with their run of batman… it’s the shit and I hope they keep this going for a long time.  

New One shot wall at of the map.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hey y'all, 

Off the map is starting up a one shot wall at the main studio and it should be a great deal of fun.I'll be posting the pieces here as well as physically hanging them on the wall for every ones enjoyment at the shop.Once its tattooed its gone. Yours and yours alone. So its sort of like custom flash done once, no preconceived ideas needed for you guys. For me its a chance to let my creative juices flow and put out into the world exactly what i'm feeling that day. These tattoos may be way left field of what you normally see from me, some of them might be exactly what you would imagine. So, if you like sloths and lions riding in hot air balloons, and skulls with hot dogs and bears riding big wheels and the occasional unicorn of the sea, stay tuned.... i cant wait to see what the other artists cook up. 

first up this week..... come on in and claim it if youre into this sort of thing.


Semana Seminario Espanol Extravaganza

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Oh man, this week has been pretty crazy here at off the map studios. Stefano Alcantara joined us and tattooed our very own ben licata to kick off Semana Seminario Espanol. I had a chance to run the camera in between tattoos and get an up close look at his technique. Also joining us in the studio this week is Juan Salgado, and Rember Orellana. With Yomico Moreno and carlos lopez coming in over the weekend. Everyone of these amazing artists have also been fantastic people and it's been a pleasure to work around these dudes.


Here are a few fun shots from the session

Hang in there Ben!

The finished product.. damn nice right?

Stefano, Rember, and Juan.

New life and old friends

Sunday, November 8, 2015

           How lucky am I that every once in a while I get progress pictures from stoked clients of how my tattoos are doing in the world. This one here comes from Angela.

Here she wanted to share with me how well the tattoo of a painting I made a couple years ago had healed but way more importantly the amazing new development in her life. Photographs like this can help change the world if the right people linger long enough.. I hope you guys appreciate it as well…. Congratulations Angela, also enjoy never sleeping again. You get used to it. Angela also has work from my buddy Johnny Smith who tattoos out of his own custom studio Sweetwater Collective, in Jacksonville Oregon. If you’re out out and about in that area and you’re into cool shit and cooler people, go check out the shop.. He might even sing to you. Here are a couple of my favorite Johnny Smith tattoos. Dig.

Coincidentally, Here is that beautiful motherlicka's mug...

(courtesy of

Monday, November 2, 2015

I've been away too long...
In an effort to build a stronger west coast client base, hang out with extraordinary people, and escape this winter cold. I will we be making multiple guest spots to Off the map tattoos north west location throughout this holiday season and into next year. This is the first step in being permanently based in Grants pass with excellent artist like Laura jade, Haley gogue, Canyon Webb, Jeff gogue, Nic Lebrun, and a whole host of amazing guests from many different walks of life. This may come as a shock to my clients and friends on the east coast and in the Midwest but I can promise you that this move will make me more accessible as I'll be able to travel more. I will also maintain dual residency at both off the map north east and northwest so I'll never be too far away.

New Mexico & Oklahoma Bound

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Exciting travels are coming right up for Mr. Ready, starting with hoping over to New Mexico next week for the long awaited Paradise Artist Retreat!

Frank will be creating art, learning about art, and rumor has it, selling some art! The show will be open to the publish on Thursday April 2, so if you happen to be in the area of Santa Ana Pueblo, which isn't too far from Albequerque and Sante Fe, make sure to stop on it! Frank will be one of nearly 150 artists making art and gaining inspiration from an opportunity of a lifetime. We are so excited to see Frank bring home that inspiration to the shop and applying to his tattooing!

Before he can come back home to us, he's heading back to his old stomping ground in Oklahoma city! If you are one of his old tattoo clients thats super bummed he left, well now is your time to get in with him! Alternatively, if you've never been tattooed by Frank by have been watching him from Oklahoma, he'd love to tattoo new clients as well. If you want to hop on into his books, shoot him an email through the website or directly to

We hope to see you on one leg of Frank's trip, or when he returns back to home sweet home to Off the Map Tattoo in Easthampton, MA!

Local Clients & Supporting Local! Make Sure to Vote in the Advocate's Best Of!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

If nothing else, help us win, so we can prop this stud muffin on our laps again. 

It's no secret it's all of our clients that make everything we do possible. Winning best of the Valley two years in a row, just shows our clients appreciate us as much as we appreciate them! Best of the Valley is about far more than "winning" though. It's about the community we are all a part of, and supporting each other.

This tattoo in particular is on a fabulous client, Anjula, who works at one of our very favorite places in the Valley- India House! It's always fun to have the opportunity to tattoo people who are part of other awesome local businesses. 

Another favorite client, Steve, who works at one of our favorite local bars, the Brass Cat, right down the road from the studio! It was so exciting to see this piece go from conception to completion on a client who really gave Frank creative reign! This was another Wacom masterpiece!


For over thirty years, the people of Western Massachusetts have been making their voice heard by voting in the Valley Advocate's Best of the Valley Readers' Poll. From favorite art museum and pizza place,  to hair salon and dentist,  Best Of voters have been showing their support for those businesses that are an integral part of the fabric of their lives in the Pioneer Valley. 

Advertising can be expensive, but your votes are absolutely FREE! Make sure your voice is heard in this very important poll. It's the best way to show all your favorite, independently owed businesses that you think they're the bees knees.

You can VOTE HERE! We encourage you to vote for all of your favorites,  and we hope you keep Off the Map Tattoo in mind when you get to the Best Tattoo Studio in the "Well Worn" section! As always we appreciate your support of us and other local businesses! Happy voting! Thanks for the continued support!

Shiny Acorns and Brain Sweat

Monday, January 26, 2015

    Without a shadow of doubt, I am in no way a bio mechanical artist. I look up to them, I respect them, hell, I even know a few of them now and what they do on skin, canvas, and digitally boggle my mind. I dont understand it, but I know when its good, I also know that you will not catch me tattooing any of it anytime soon... But! That does'nt mean I cant learn a thing or two. Here, is my first digital attempt at something of that nature, I see a good amount of things that need work and hours ago today i didnt set out to make a masterpiece, but now that i'm this far into this little guy' I atleast know where I stand on my own personal bio-y spectrum. In 10 or 20 more of these it will be fun to look back and compare. I think somewhere around 50 of them I may have an idea of what im doing.. But this is me now. Unpolished, green. Hopefully showing this to you will light that much needed fire for exploration and even if I dont end up doing bio mechanical tattooig for a living, I know for a fact that the crazy  attention to detail.. color saturation.. fit..flow..and process, will surely seep into my daily box of tools, advancing my tattooing in ways that will ensure that im always giving my clients the most of me, pulling no punches and making a mark that's so you, you'll wonder how you spent all of these years without it. Thank you for looking. 

Tattoo and Digital Art Slideshow video

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Check out this tattoo and art portfolio video we created last night at the TattooNOW offices. It is pretty exciting to be able to think about a future set of videos! If there are any topics you would like to hear me talk about, let me know! 

Frank's Seeing Stars

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Often times clients will look at an artists website, this one included, and think "Jeez! They don't do anything but huge tattoos!" It's easy to understand how the misconception would occur, but often times it's not the case. While websites and portfolios are often used to put the artist's proudest work on display, sometimes the things that make a tattoo feel proud come in different forms.

Frank said it wonderfully himself, in a caption associated with the star rib tattoo he completed recently.

I post pictures of finished work on here and it seems that everyday I'm doing some serious extravagant work of art in an attempt prove myself as a tattooer to my peers and those who might see my work and say nice things. Sure that's true. Who isn't trying to push their own personal boundaries daily to become something more tomorrow than they are today.. That's why we do it, But that's not what this post is about.. Here are some stars. Simple stars on ribs in colors that my client chose. As clean as I can do them. Tattoos like these are what make the bigger more involved pieces possible, they are what help me pay my bills and feed my children. I am proud to do every one of them. While it may not make it into a magazine, someone somewhere will be wearing this for a lifetime and went through pain and trusted me to alter their appearance. This particular tattoo is of the constellations that represent each of her children and their favorite colors. I didn't try and change it and talk her into actual animals in a neo traditional style fighting or drinking out of cups wearing frilly Victorian get-ups. That's not what the client asked for. Instead. Her exact idea done as best I could. Thank you for letting me tattoo you. And anyone who is still reading this. Thank you for listening. To be a king is to be the best, and a true king serves the people. I'm nowhere near a king.. But if that's the end goal I'll fake it until I make it. One tattoo at a time.

In the end, while artists like to be artists, they also love to make clients happy, and change lives one tattoo at a time. Frank has a certain style he gravitates for, but he also has a underlying and overwhelming desire to please his clients, regardless of their request.

Frank's schedule is filling up but he is still taking on new clients! While neo-traditional tattoos, including subject matter like animals, comic books, fantasy, filagree and the like are things Frank is feeling particularly drawn to, this post proves, he's willing and ready to take on whatever your heart desires!

If you feel as inspired by Frank's words as we did, what are you waiting for? Hope on over to the Off the Map Tattoo website and fill out an online consultation form. Not only are consults a great time to meet Frank in person and chat about your idea, size, placement, budget and more, it is completely free. Basically, Frank's a cheap date, but a really good one! Come on in and visit us soon! 

Conception to Completion

Sunday, December 7, 2014

As technology chugs along, artists are getting an even more expansive set of tools for their arsenal. As we mentioned recently, Frank's newest addition to his tool belt is his Wacom tablet. As Frank learned more and more about his new device, it's been nothing short of impressive to watch how it has altered and improved his tattoo process.

Most recently he got to explore design on a banjo for a great client Kassie. Having the wacom tablet allowed him to not only create the design, but to show Kassie a variety of coloring options. Before digitalized alternatives were an option, being able to show a client different options for coloring involved hours of rendering for each individual drawing. With the Wacom tablet, it just takes a few clicks to explore dozens, if not hundreds of different choices!

Frank was thrilled Kassie went with the full color choice. Preparation like this not only gives the client a more clear idea of what their tattoo will look like, it also allows Frank to feel more prepared tattooing it, as he has already explored color scheme through his design process allowing it to feel more intuitive once it's being layed out in the skin. Kassie had also originally thought of putting lettering in the tattoo, but once she saw the design she fell in love with it and ultimately decided to forego the words because she thought it might take away from the image.

It's hard to believe how beautifully and exactly this design transferred to a tattoo, but it gives you an idea, how now you can really and truly get a super solid idea of what the end result will be, long before it's permanent! This tattoo is definitely one of our favorites Frank has ever produced, and we look forward to seeing the full process on future projects!

You can see a video of the wrap around here. If you're impressed and you want to get started on your first, or next tattoo with Frank, you can always call the shop at 413-527-6574 or shoot us an email through the website!

Thanks to Frank's Clients & Holiday Gift Ideas!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Frank is so thankful for all of his incredible clients that have allowed him to not only flourish in Massachusetts as a tattoo after less than two years, but also gave him the creative freedom to expand his style and grow as an artist everyday. Well what better way to say thank you to clients than to hook them up with some discounted tattoo time for their next (or current) project with Frank! If you've been pondering over a tattoo idea, now is a great time to build up that budget!

From November 28-30 if you purchase a $100 gift certificate you will get a $50 gift certificate for FREE! Use it all for yourself, split it up as gifts, whatever you prefer! No strings. Just an amazing deal. This is limited ONE PER CLIENT.

You can purchase gift certificates online (promotion will be automatically applied), over the phone or at the shop. Feel free to call with any questions! 

Gift Certificates are awesom, but sometimes you want a little something extra to go with it. Well, have no fear, If you're in need of a creative, customized idea, why not buy a comissioned piece of art from Frank to go with your shiney new gift certificate!

Time is running out to get those commissioned pieces done in time for the holidays, so make sure you contact us quickly! Regardless of what you'd like, Frank can tackle many styles and nearly any subject matter and create the perfect unique gift. Maybe a portrait of your kiddo, pet or even favorite comic book character! 

In a rush? Well lucky for you Frank literally has a wall FULL of artwork ready to go to it's forever home!. The tattoo studio is open seven days a week 11am-7pm, so feel free to pop in any time to take a peak at what he's got to offer. 

If you'd like to talk about a commissioned piece, you can always set up a time to come and chat with Frank at the studio, or send him an email with your ideas for a price quote.

Wacom Wizardry

Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's been a little while since Frank has gotten his Wacom tablet, and he's really getting a hang of making creations in a whole new way! Painting digitially really opens up quite a few doors artistically and can translate to even more in depth preparation for tattoos!

This was a quick digital study and one of the first things Frank created in his tablet. Soon to be a painting!

Of course it wasn't too long until some weird stuff went down like this ballsy drawing. On a more serious note, you can see that you can achieve a vast array of styles while painting digitally. The ability to erase and undo, also makes more a more perfected drawing in the end. Since you have the option to explore different colors, textures, and background, without having to draw every single scenario, it helps artists to really conceptualize a variety of options.

This fella, or should we say, these fellas and ladies, we a piece of flash that didn't quite make the cut for our upcoming Tattoos for the Arts event. The didn't get cut because they weren't good enough, just because it would take too much time to achieve the amount of awesome delivered in these little illustrations of artists, complete with shop owner Gabe Ripley and Off the Map Tattoo Live host, Ben Licata.

The most recent addition to Frank's digital army is this awesome rendition of X-men character, Jubilee! Frank would love to tattoo this comic book character, or would be happy to render and tattoo your very favorite super hero, villian, mutant and more!

Frank is really excited to explore and use his tablet to create even more epic tattoos for all of his clients, which means even more amazing stuff will be coming your way! Also, don't forget, with holidays coming up, Frank can also do these digital drawings as a commission! Imagine that, a gift right to your email!

As always, thanks for looking and stay tuned for more frequent updates coming up!

Frank (and Carrie's) Flash Released for our Upcoming Charity Day!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Our annual charity day is always one of the most exciting days of the year, and Frank is gearing up to be one of the 7 working artists doing $50 tattoos all day to benefit the Flywheel Arts Collective!

There two flash sheets were designed by Frank and his partner in crime, Carrie, who is also incredibly talented!

There is so much more that goes into these events than cool flash! So let's get to the details! Sunday, November 23th 2014, Off the Map Tattoo (of both Easthampton, MA & Grants Pass, OR) as well as many other tattoo studios nationwide, will be offering $50 flash tattoos from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Historically we have had people lining up as early as 7am, so prepare! This year we are using "The Arts" as our theme, so flash subject matter, as you can see from Frank's sheets will include things inspired by dance, music, theatre, culinary arts, and more!

Frank starting putting in work even before creating those flash sheets, because he also creating the graphic for our poster!

Absolutely 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations that are dedicated to preserving and protecting the arts. Locally, Off the Map Tattoo will be donating all proceeds to the Flywheel in Easthampton.Flywheel is a place for countless types of artistic expression, where people can come and create, have fun, and exchange ideas. Flywheel is not owned by anyone, it is everyone's to share and support.

Donators attending the event will be able to choose from multiple pre-designed pieces of tattoo flash art, all of which involve The Arts . The flash art is drawn specifically for this event by Off the Map's tattoo artists and will include a wide variety of options to choose from. Stay tuned to the event's facebook page to check out the other flash sheets as they are released!

If you wish to support the cause without getting tattooed, we will happily accept monetary donations as well. 

There is also a benefit raffle being held now through the entire month of November where three winners will be drawn. Tickets can be purchased $1 each. There will be multiple raffle prizes being offered including a $300 Off the Map gift certificate. Raffle tickets may be purchased in person at the studio, as well as over the phone anytime by calling (413) 527-6574. You can check out these FAQ's for additional info about the charity day! We hope to have a huge turnout this year and hope you'll be a part of it! 

New Merch Store! Buy any Item and Get a $25 Off the Map Gift Certificate!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Have you ever thought to yourself " I need more Frank Ready in my life," well thank buckle your seat belts today is your lucky day! 

Hop on over to Society6 and check out Frank's brand spanking new merch store!

Need to expand your wardrobe? Frank Ready Shirts.

Need to fancy up your phone? Frank Ready iPhone Cases.

Need something to cuddle up to as the weathers getting colder? You better believe we've got Frank Ready Pillow Cases.

And if that's not enough, we've got coffee mugs, tote bags, canvas prints, framed prints, and even t-shirts for the kiddos!

I bet you're thinking this couldn't get any cooler, right? WELL IT CAN! If you purchase any item from Frank's store, we will send you a $25 Off the Map Tattoo Token! Good towards any tattoo, with any artist (limited one per client). All you need to do is purchase any item from Frank's store and then email a screen shot of your receipt, and your mailing address to and we'll send you a tattoo token!

Make sure to check out his store, purchase a thing or two, and then book your next tattoo appointment to use your tattoo token! Win, win, win!

A Taste of Something Different

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Creativity is in the air, and with the change of seasons comes some interesting changes in Frank's style- for a couple of projects at least!

This particular client of Frank's had an odd spot to fill on her in progress sleeve that Frank is working on, and she brought in this photo reference. While it's not the style Frank usually works in, he has a lot of fun with this piece and found the happy medium of creating a long lasting tattoo from client's inspiration that isn't necessarily the best candidate to work into skin.

Since Frank enjoyed last last piece so much he borrow some inspiraiton for this Charlie Chaplin tattoo that also involved the scattered dotwork as well as a limited use of shading. While photo realism isn't really Frank's cup of tea, he really enjoys working with more illustrative portraiture. 

Lastly, we have this awesome Kali that Frank just started today on one of our favorite gals, Anjula who happens to work at one of our favorite restaurants, India House! If you're in Western MA and you love Indian food, make sure you give them a try! 

The drawing on the top is the actual stencil used for the tattoo and the bottom is the outline completed (please excuse the distortion, tattoos that wrap around limbs sure are hard to photograph)! It took about two hours for Frank to complete the outline, and we can't wait to see it filled in! Anjula was a trooper and a great sport, and she even let Frank tattoo mustaches on all the little skulls. It's all about those details!

There's all sort of stylisitic challenges that have been thrown Frank's way these past few weeks, and we love seeing Frank dive right in! Make sure you check out Frank's instagram as well to see daily updates on new projects! Thanks for looking!

Baby On Board!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's just about a month, give or take a few weeks, days or hours, until Frank will welcome his newest addition into the world! In case you missed the previous announcement, Frank and his lovely lady, are expecting a baby girl!!

She'll certainly be in good company with these goofballs! Their son Atti, has already shown his artistic genes coming through, and we can't wait to see what kind of talents little *SOON TO BE ANNOUCED GIRLS NAME* is! 

Frank will be taking some time off in November to have some time with the fam, so on top of his already busy schedule means Frank's scheduling is filling up into December and into the new year!  If you've been waiting to set up that second session, first session, or consult, make sure you call soon to secure a spot before his books are closed for the year!

Now that we've got all the official business address, how about some more cute, because who doesn't love adorable kids, dressed as red pandas, playing video games!

We can't wait to share the newest addition to the Ready crew with all of you, so make sure you stay tuned for all the incredible updates on the way!

Frank Taking Walk Ins Tomorrow!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Tomorrow Frank Ready  will be taking Walk Ins Tattoos!!! First come first serve throughout the day! Get here early, shop opens at 11:00. Frank's traditionally inspired tattoos work beautifully with walk in tattoos and Frank can really create some amazing designs and execute tattoos much quicker than you might think!

This is our fourth week of offering walk in tattoos every Saturday and so far the response has been great and we've successfully tattooed a handful of clients each day!! It will kick into full gear starting 2015, with EVERY Off the Map Tattoo artist on rotation. That means every month or two, you'll have a chance to get tattooed by Frank, despite how booked out he is!

All of the photos shown in this news item were walk in tattoos, even this beautiful galwith the wolf head dress, so whether it's a creative new idea, a fixer upper, or even if you just want to start the consultation process, you can come in, say hi, introduce yourself to Frank and get the ball rolling.

We look forward to seeing you! Feel free to call the studio to request more details.

Getting Geeky

Monday, October 6, 2014

As usual Frank has been keeping busy in his even in his "down time" and creating lots of new art.

Of course it wouldn't be a signature Frank piece if it wasn't a little nerdy, so he dove into some comic book inspired art. This lego piece is inspired by the ever popular Marvel Falcon. He started this piece as a brush lining exercise for his painting skills, but he couldn't help but complete it with the signature Falcon red and yellow! 

This Dante watercolor is for all the DMC fans and gamers out there. Do you have a favorite videogame character? If you do Frank would be happy to do a comissioned piece of fan art for you. Even if you aren't in the mood to treat yourself, custom pieces of artwork make for great gifts! Holidays are right around the corner so get ahead of the game, and contact Frank about creating a unique, and personalized gift!

Last but not least, this Rick and Morty watercolor. WIRED Magazine, even wrote an article on exactly why Rick and Morty and should be a part of your life.

"There's a rick and morty in every diminsion Morty. Sometimes. Sometimes Morty all ricks are mortys. Or all mortys are huge, ape like creatures and then sometimes all ricks are that deminsions equivalent of *burp* bananas. It's all really complicated Morty. Sometimes it's just best if we don't ask too many questions of the universe. It just gets too heavy." 

Feel a bit lost? Us too, but check out the full episode to make sense of Franks art and enjoy an awesome show!

Thinking About a Tattoo? Why Not Book a FREE Consult with Frank?!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Taking the plunge to get a tattoo can be a bit scary. Whether it's your first, or fifth tattoo, every time you get tattooed your making a life time commitment to a new piece of art, and that's something worth thinking on! 

Lucky for you, you don't have to ponder these ideas alone, because Frank offers FREE consults, Wednesday-Sunday, every single week! Leggings optional, but Frank is always smiling! 

Have you been looking at Frank's tattoos and thinking "Gee I'd really like to get something like that, but I don't really know where to start!" Fear not, we are here to help you with the process. Sometimes people have images for inspiration, like on the tattoo below. Other times clients just bring us their ideas. Whatever you've got, we can work with it!

There are lots of things to consider when getting a tattoo. Design, size, placement, and price are always some of the questions people are most uncertain of, and a free consultation is the best time to ask all these questions and put your mind at ease! 

Frank is willing to hear any ideas you can throw his way, but particularly fancies neo-traditional tattoos, nerdy tattoos, cominc book tattoos, traditionally inspired tattoos, and most importantly, tattoos that will push his artistic boundaries and create a truly innovative tattoo and experience for both of you! How do I get one of these nifty consults you ask? Well you can either fill out one of these handy dandy consult forms online or give the shop a ring at 413-527-6574. 

New Tattoo Gallery Updates

Sunday, September 21, 2014

We know it's been a while since the tattoo galleries have been updated, but Frank is excited to show you a few new tattoos! 

Frank did this wing and flower back piece that extended off an existing tattoo that he did not do. This client already had the butterfly and flowers starting to extend up her back and asked Frank to take over the reigns. Frank's neotraditional style of tattoing and creative use of negative space made for a beautiful and innovative take on the popular wing back tattoo.

Frank kept this tattoo more on the traditional side of things. Pocket watch tattoos have gained popularity in recent years, and rose tattoos have always been a popular subject to translate to skin, so combining the two is a natural pairing. This tattoo was completed in one session! 

Frank has been busy completeing dozens of tattoos, as well as starting quite a few large scale tattoos, and we will continue to be posting more gallery updates on the website for your viewing pleasure! If you love keeping up with Frank's day to day, make sure you also

Give him a follow on Instagram and check out his Facebook page. Also, make sure to hop on into Frank's tattoo gallery to peruse the five pages of tattoo uploads!

Looking for an Original Gift? Get a Commissioned Piece of Art!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's no secret gift giving can be a serious pain. You've bought more spa certificates, gift cards, and useless engraved items than you can count. If you're in need of a creative, customized idea, why not buy a comissioned piece of art from Frank!

Frank is ready to take on commissioned pieces, just in time for you to get ahead of that Holiday rush. The fun part of commissioned pieces of artwork is it can suit the gift getter in an extremely personal, and one of a kind way. Maybe they have a kiddo they'd like a portrait of, like this watercolor portrait Frank did of his son.

Or maybe you have a family pet you'd like to see immortilized, like the ever popular... pet squirrel...

Regardless of what you'd like, Frank can tackle many styles and nearly any subject matter and create the perfect unique gift, or hell, treat yourself! We know you look at your blank walls thinking something is missing, and Frank is here to fill that void for you.

In a rush? Well lucky for you Frank literally has a room FULL of artwork ready to pick off the wall. The tattoo studio is open seven days a week 11am-7pm, so feel free to pop in any time to take a peak at what he's got to offer. 

If you'd like to talk about a commissioned piece, you can always set up a time to come and chat with Frank at the studio, or send him an email with your ideas for a price quote.

Sharing is Caring

Sunday, September 14, 2014

We think sharing is caring, and that applies to burritos AND art tips. Luckily Frank has friend who cover things from all angles.

Fabulous friend and photographer, Jennifer Broy, unexpectedly surprised Frank with a burrito pie, because why not? That delicious treat helped fuel Frank through a new piece he worked on thanks to some tips and tricks thanks to local artist Rick Beaupre. Frank said the info from Rick changed the way he paints! We definitely look forward to seeing more of Frank's newly inspired paintings.

This is another painting he recently did that was framed thanks to his lovely lady, Carrie, who is a bit of an aritst herself. Lately she's been taking to customizing frames to make them compliment Frank's artworks!

This little lady that Frank painted the other day has a custom frame in the works! Keep your eyes peeled for the final product!

Many of Frank's piece are available for purchase, so if you want to snag one up for yourself, shoot him an email about what you're interested in!


Support Habitat for Humanity and Win Tattoo Time with Frank!

Friday, September 12, 2014

This month Habitat For Humanity is the benefactor of our charity raffle which means for only $1 you can be entered for your chance to win $300 towards a tattoo!

PV Habitat broke ground on our first house in Easthampton in 2014
Not only is this build our first Easthampton home, but it is also our first ever Women Build home!  This means that at least 70% of the leadership and labor that goes into the home building will be done by Valley women. 

PVH Women Build mission statement:  to nurture, recruit and train women to build simple, decent, healthy and affordable houses.

Frank has done a few tattoos expressing clients love for their homes, like one of our old favorites from when Frank was still tattooing in Oklahoma.

And this in progress tattoo he recently started in our Massachusetts tattoo studio.

This is a great opportunity for you to make a donation AND have a chance to win a $300 Off the Map Tattoo gift certificate! There is no limit so buy as many as you would like! You may purchase tickets in the studio or over the phone by calling us at 413-527-6574. Tickets in support of Habitat For Humanity will be sold throughout the month of September and the raffle winner will be announced October 1st. Good luck and thank you so much for your participation! We hope that one of Frank's clients in the lucky winner!

Mag-Neat-O and Other Nerdy Adventures

Monday, September 8, 2014

Frank's a nerd. We can't deny it, we're not ashamed, we want to share it with the world. This is a call out for all the other nerds, geeks, and misfits of society, who can't get enough of their comic books, video games and toys. Frank wants to tattoo all of you (which of course ties into an ultimate plan for world domination).

Now that we got that out of the way, check out this Magneto tattoo Frank started as part of a Xmen tattoo sleeve. Is that a sentinel? WHAT ELSE WOULD IT BE? You can click here to see the video of the wrapping action on this tattoo, although the video was from the first session. We can't wait to see what other marvel characters get tied into this comic book inspired sleeve.

Frank drew this batman illustration as a homage to the 25th anniversary Tim Burton's batman (we think Michael Keaton was clearly the best...)

....But we'll let you decide.

Frank also created this Watchman piece this past month. If you love Dr Manhattan enough, this piece could be yours, on paper or in skin! Frank would love to do more video game tattoos, comic book tattoos, any and all things encompassing nerd-life.

If you think you and Frank just became best friends, you should give us a call to set up your next tattoo! Don't forget, we always offer free consults!


Step One, Step Two

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We've already posted a couple news items about in progress projects and the process, but it continues to be one of our favorite things to share with fans of Frank. More often that not, the final piece, whether tattoo or art, is all the public sees, but we think the process is worth sharing!

This tattoo might look familiar, as the first session was already posted, but this handsome tattoo is on our great client and friend, Steve. This is the first session of the piece Frank drew on entirely with sharpie. The first tattoo session lasted around 3 hours.

Steve recently came in for his second session and worked on laying in color for another 3 hours. Given the size of this piece, the quick progress is impressive. Luckily, Steve is a trooper and sits well, despite it being a sensitive area.

Steve heads out to the Islands for the winter, but we're hoping to sneak in the last and final session before he leaves! This next painting is actually a design that will come to Step 3 today, in the form of being tattooed! This piece was uncharted territory for Frank, so he wanted to do a full color study of the space background to make sure he could nail it during the tattoo.

We think the results are out of this world! Our good friend Kristen from Platinum Pony right down the street from the shop is getting this trekky tattoo that will surely make all the Star Trek fans out there green with envy.

Make sure you look for updates right here as well as @frankreadyart on instagram to see the third step for both of these pieces! Thanks for reading!

Frank Hits the Big Screen!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ok, the title may exaggerate a bit, but a couple months back, Frank did make a guest appearance on our biweekly webcast Off the Map Live.

Here's a quick clip of Frank chatting about his style and how he got started tattooing. If you ask us, Frank is a born star.

Pretty cool huh? Well guess what, there's a lot more where that came from! Off the Map hosts bi-weekly webcasts, this week it will be taking place from that Drink and Draw party Frank is attending so make sure you head on over to to Watch it Live! One of the coolestest part about watching live is you can hop in that chat room and even ask Frank, and other featured artists, some questions as they show is on! 

So if you can make it to the Brass Cat in person, make sure you tune in to see what Frank is creating!

Drink and Draw with Frank This Sunday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Come hang with Frank, create art, and have a tasty beverage or two! This brand spanking new event is hosted by local artist, Rick Beaupre and sponsored by Off the Map LIVE, we will be drinking and drawing starting at 7:00 pm at the Brass Cat, right down the street from the shop.

Drinking is certainly not mandatory but drawing sure is (or at least an appreciation of those creating art)! This event is open to anyone and everyone old enough to hang at the bar.Bring your enthusiasm, an interest in stepping up your art game and drawing supplies. There will be sketch giveaways and FREE Off the Map Tattoo gift certificates for attendees. So you could attend, check our Frank making some killer art, and earn a gift certificate for your next tattoo session with him!

Frank is one of our busiest bees when he's off the clock (although as an artist we're not sure that exists). These creations are just a few of Frank's recent projects.

Who watches the watchmen?...

A potential tattoo design. Who doesn't love buffalo?

And if nothing else, his very decorated booth space sure gives us an idea of how much art he's creating in his "free" time! 

For more details and RSVP, check out the Facebook event!  We hope to see you there! CHEERS!


Timing (and Choosing the Right Artist) Is Everything

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Often times at the shop we have people who come in wanting to get their tattoo as fast as possible, and we do our best to explain to clients, good things come to those who wait.

This lucky client was lucky enough to get a second chance at her hourglass tattoo that she had got at another tattoo studio. Frank gave the existing piece a facelift and added on some new element to really make it pop. This client already has her next appointment to work this tattoo into a full sleeve.

We know when you figure out exactly what you want for your next (or first tattoo) it seems impossible to wait more than a few moments after your tattoo epiphany to run out the door and get it done. Patience, however, is a great lesson to learn when planning your next tattoo. We know it can be confusing, all those tattoo reality shows make it seem like people just stroll in the door, and viola, an hour later they're in the chair getting a full sleeve tattoo. Realistically, these are staged situations and the artists has been preparing well ahead of time.

Rushing a tattoo can land you in a rather difficult situation if you don't like the expedited version of your dream tattoo. In the showcased piece in this news item, luckily the ground work of the original tattoo was good enough that Frank was able to transform it into something beautiful, but not everyone is so lucky. Remember, tattoos will last you a lifetime, and chances are if an artist has a bit of a wait, chances are that's a good sign! That means lots of people hopped in line before you to get work done by the artist they trust.

Frank is booking about 6-8 weeks out now, but we can take on new consults immediately! So if you want to jump on board for the project of a lifetime, send Frank an email, or just give the shop at call right away at 413-527-6574!


Monday, August 18, 2014

When we think of more the more traditional tattooing, we often think of "flash." You go into the tattoo shop, you flip through the designs on the wall, and you leave with your brand spanking new tattoo. While Frank's tattooing is certainly inspired by old school traditions, he definitely takes it to another level.

Frank did this single shot tattoo on one of our clients who is also in the roller derby! She asked for a whistle tattoo and Frank incorporated a rose to create more dimension and make the tattoo a bit more layered. Short, simple, sweet!

This butterfly tattoo was also done in one session and was actually a walk in on a great client Tim! Aside from being a swell guy, Tim is also in a stellar band named Them There Ghosts, you should definitely check them out! Occasionally they play at one of our local diggs (actually our next door neighbors) Luthier's Co-op!

Lastly, you guessed it, this was also a single shot tattoo! This client came in already sporting the sparrow and wanted some add ons, so Frank made the roses, sun and additional background.

As you can see, Frank occasionally works in the method of traditional tattooing, where they clients comes in the door one minute, and leaves the studio an hour or two later with a brand new tattoo. The fun, evolved part of Frank's method is making each piece custom. He takes inspiration from old school tradition but make's it a Frank Ready piece! So if you're thinking you're not ready for a big tattoo, don't worry! We love to take on those single shot tattoos as well! As rewarding as it is to see a large scale tattoo come to completion, it's equally satisfying to send a client out the door with a sparkling new tattoo in one session. There's no tattoo too big or too small and we'd love to hear your idea!

Not all who Wander are Lost

Saturday, August 16, 2014
Home is often more of a feeling, rather than a place and we have lots of clients who asked to have their path to home represented in the form of a tattoo.

This wanderlust sketch was created for a client who feels to pull to many different places. Traveling was their version of home and the most familiar. Part gypsy, part explorer, this client is led by their wanderlust. This piece is a large thigh tattoo Frank recently started on. Looks like this client is working on finding her way home, come hell or high water. Sometimes figuring out where home is and how to get there is a journey worth expressing via tattoo.

If you want to commemorate your home sweet home in a creative way, come chat it up with Frank during a free consult!

Lady Love

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Women are always a lovely subject to draw, paint and tattoo, and we love seeing all sorts of different inspirations that clients bring us to show their love for the ladies!

The above tattoo was inspired by Majora's Mask. An instant classic with all of our Zelda loving clients. As a side note, Frank is a bit of a gamer himself, so the nerdier the tattoo, the better!

The above client took a gamble with a walk in tattoo, and lucky for him Frank had time to do this more traditional Lady Luck tattoo. He came in wanting a less tattooable image with cards and some other elements, but with thrilled with Frank's concept to represent his original idea.

This devilish gal was on the hand of a bold client willing to let Frank one of the most covetted and visible spots on the body. Not only that, it's actually on the same client with the zelda tattoo! You can click here to see a short peak at what Frank did on him about a week ago! Here too!

Last but not least, this beautiful gal with a wolf head adornment was a consult turned tattoo! This client, who had just turned 18, came in to consult for his very first tattoo, but as luck would have it, Frank finished his first tattoo early, so he was able to get tattooed that day! Frank drew the tattoo up while the client went back home to snag his ID, and a few hours later, the client ended up with this superb piece!

If you love ladies as much as we do, and you'd like to get a sexy, nerdy, girl next door or pin up tattoo, give the shop a call to start the process!

It's Raining Cats, Dogs and Your Chance to Win $300 to OTM!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In July we will be started a monthly raffle for a $300 gift certificate to Off the Map Tattoo, last month the raffle benefitted Safe Passage. This month we're doing another cause near and dear to our hearts Dakin Animal Shelter.

We will be selling raffle tickets for $1.00 each and clients, supporters, friends, can buy as many as you'd like. Even if you don't want a gift certificate, maybe you have a friend that does, or you just love animals. You can always swing on in to donate as well! Absolutely 100% of all money earned will go to the specified charity of the month. So if you've got a tattoo started with Frank, or one in the works, why not take a chance to win time towards your next tattoo. If you don't win, you'll be supporting a great cause!

This is one of Frank's own fur family members. He would also appreciate you supporting the cause. As you can see in the photo he's got his raffle dollars ready!

Speaking of animals, did you read the articles about all the animal tattoos Frank has done lately? If not check them out here:

The Cat's Meow

The Dog Days of Summer

Here's a sneakypeaky:

How do I particpate you're wondering? Simply come to Off the Map to buy as many raffle tickets are you want, or just drop a donation in the bucket, or hop online to their website and donate their. Donate to a great cause AND earn a chance to win a $300 gift certificate to Off the Map Tattoo.

PLEASE help us spread the word!


Pieces, Projects and Work in Progress

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The process of tattooing takes nothing if not patience, for both the tattooer and the client. Mostly cause we're always so damned excited to see the finished product!

Often times pesky things like time, money and pain tolerance get in the way of tattoos getting finished quickly. Not to mention that whole "healing" part of the process you have to wait for. Regardless of the reason, we always have a slew of clients with larger scale tattoos in the works, and it's hard not to share the progress! The tattoo above is a 3/4 sleeve Frank started two weeks ago. Frank spent some time drawing the sleeve on completely with sharpie (see the upper right picture) and then tattooed the outline with limited shading in about two hours! 

This wolf head tattoo is part of another sleeve in progress. Click this handy link here, to see a video of the owl tattoo on the other side. Give this link here another clickity click, to see it all shaded. 

This torso piece is on a long time shop client, bar tender extraordinaire, and all around good guy, Steve. Lucky enough, since he's got this big ol' tattoo to finish, Steve won our charity raffle last month, and won a $300 gift certificate to Off the Map, all while donating to a great cause. This outline took Frank about two and a half hours. 

Recently for larger scale tattoos, Frank has been doing line work and shaing first, and then color in subsequent sessions. So even though this news article makes it look like Frank has taken to black and gray tattoos, these pieces are all going to end up with color! Make sure you check back for updates, as we'll definitely be keeping you posted as these tattoos are finished!

Frank's Goin Nuts!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Frank has been at Off the Map for just over a year now and he's really starting to build a clientele that's allowing him more creative input to their tattoo. As Frank has had more freedom as an artist in that way he's also enjoyed exploring other styles that are a bit outside the box for him. 

Frank created this squirrel illustration that is a little less traditional, and a little more illustrative than his usual style. 
You can also see in the final version the color scheme is also unusual for Frank. Traditionally inspired tattoos and drawings often contain more primary colors and black. Between the turquoise and the cape, this makes us feel like this is the kinda squirrel you want on your side.
Speaking of things outside Frank's everyday happenings, can we talk about this incredible ink wash skull Frank is working on? He burned the midnight oil to delve into this piece, and has since made even more progress so make sure you're following @readytattooart on Instagram to stay up to date on all his new creations!
Times like this are really fun to watch an artist grow and explore other styles, mediums, techniques and push themselves further. In the end it's Frank's primary goal to better himself as an artist and lucky for you, client's reap the benefit!

Making Monsters

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The other night, Frank's little man, Atticus, was jamming out on his magnadoodle, and Frank decided render his image a bit further and really bring the idea to life!

Frank took his technical skill, and his son's awesome imagination to make some magic happen in this collaborative piece. In case you haven't seen his cutie, here he is (AWWWWWWW). Since Mom and Dad are both artists, we imagine there will be lots of art work in his future!

Frank also made a compliment to the first little monster, a less sinister cousin perhaps.

If you can believe it, this experience actually relates quite a bit to the relationship a tattooer share with their client. We often hear people say "I'm not a good artist" or "I don't have a drawing to show you" but the great news is, that's totally fine! Our artists love working with your idea, or very, very loose sketch. Whether it's yours, a friends or your kids. If we're being honest though, we also really like tattooing images kids draw as is! It's a pretty fun way to commemorate a specific time in your child's life.

So don't you worry your pretty little head about clicking that Free Consult button. Frank can create something from whatever ideas you have!

Shapes On Shapes

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Even though tattooing nouns is pretty cool, you know, the people, places and things of the world, sometimes it's fun to just tattoo shapes. Designs that don't necessarily have definition, but just look beautiful.

The above symmetrical design was a fun doodle of Frank's yet to be tattooed, but would make a phenomenal design, as an ad on tattoo, or filler to an already tattooed spot. One of the really fun ways you can customize a design like this to make it more custom for yourself is pick your favorite colors to change it to! When tattooers create designs like this it can be a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and make adjustments to make it suit you.

This is another design including various popular elements including flowers, filagree, dotwork, an eye with a tear drop and more. Often times when subject matter becomes popularized, it can feel difficult to make it your own. This creation of Frank's is a reminder that there are really endless, even for frequently tattooed subjects.

Let these shapes inspire you, help you think outside the box, and lead you to your own project with Frank. If you feel moved by these images, give us a shout to set up a consult!

Flash Back

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Once upon a time, not that long ago, tattoo flash was more or less the only option for getting tattooed.

 If you wanted a piece, you looked at the flash sheets on the wall, and picked out what you wanted. More an more shops are creating more of a custom environment, but that doesn't mean tattooers don't still have fun creating more traditionalionally inspired flash!

Daggers and roses have always been a pretty common subject matter in flash sheets, but Frank put a humorous twist on them in this "Ouch" flash, including, of course, the notoriously stabby swordfish.

This flash sheet was inspired by the one and only Sailor Jerry, debateably the founder of tattoo flash. His traditional tattoos continue to be tattooed, drawn and deliver inspiration to modern tattooing. We think Frank did him justice, how about you?

If you are inspired by any of these designs and would like to make them permanent, Frank would love to create tattoos based on his flash. However, even though they're flash, Frank would only tattoo each design once to keep them more custom, so if there's one you love, snag it before someone else does!

Friends Drawing Friends

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It's a good rule of thumb that friends should let friends drink and draw. And even better if friends draw each other!

This fun illustration is of repeat guest artist and friend of the shop, Josh Suchoza. If nothing else we know Frank has a future in caricature's! This exaggerated style is fun in drawings, but also tattoos! Frank would love to tattoo a similar version of you, a friend or family member, a pet, a favorite celebrity, or whatever else you can dream up!

This more imaginative piece is of Matt O'Brien, our production manager over at, our website development company. TattooNOW is another division Off the Map Inc and they happened to develop Frank's website!

The man, the myth, the legend, THE JOE-CLOPS! This one is based of resident artist Joe King, who is one of Frank's best buddies. Frank also enjoys taking on projects with this techni-color effect!

Need a fun gift for a friend? You could always contact Frank to commission a portrait of a loved one!

Time Flies

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time flies when you're having fun, and getting tattooed by Frank is always a hoot.

This tattoo was done in one shot on one tough client who was willing to sit start to finish. Clocks have been popular subjects for tattoos recently, and picking a meaningful time is always a fun way to personalize the tattoo in a discreet way. Sometimes it's client choice, sometimes it's artist choice. Incidentally, these clocks seem to read a similar time. Coincidence?

The tattoo below is another fun rendition of the classic clock and flowers concept, and this tattoo was actually done before Frank even worked at Off the Map. Often times clients will pick colors to represent something special to them, say their childrens birth stones, as another fun way to incorporate something more personal into their tattoo idea.

This tattoo may look like an illustration that Frank ran out of time to color....

But it's actually the line drawing for this awesome hourglass tattoo!

Ok, I know, sometimes we just can't help it with the puns. But in all seriousness this piece would work super well as a tattoo, and Frank would love the opportunity to translate it to skin. If you like this idea, or just want Frank to tattoo any old thing on you, you can call the shop 7 days a week from 11am-7pm. Time is of the essence! (Now I'm really done).

Dog Days of Summer

Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's summer, it's New England, it's hot, and nothing combats the heat like dog tattoos! Well, thats not entirely true, but the studio does have AC, so by default, if you come in and get tattooed, you're beating the heat.

Frank enjoyed doing this dog portrait tattoo which was a really fun project outside of his usual style. This client Bill was great and gave Frank lots of freedom in creating the design.

The tattoo below is a rendition of the clients German Shepard. They wanted him to be very stylized and fierce looking (but we're willing to bet he's a sweetheart once you pull out the cookies). This exaggerated and illustrative style of tattooing is right up Frank's alley, so he really enjoyed creating this version of the clients pet.

Surely we can't talk about the dog days of summer with out some seriously adorable dog gifs, like this guy having fun in the sun.

The ever popular Corgi flop.

And cupcake dog (who bears a strong resemblance to Frank when clients bring in cupcakes).

We'd love to do more tattoos of your four legged friends, so come on in to chat about getting your fur fam tattoo! We'll just put it out there that if anyone wants to get cupcake dog, we'll give you a really sweet deal.

Never Trust The Bunny

Friday, July 18, 2014

It's always the adorable, fluffy animals you don't suspect, according to Frank, you should never trust the bunny. 

This original creation of Frank's peaked my interest. I wondered if anyone else had feelings of mistrust towards these cute and cuddly carrot eaters. The internet did not let me down. Apparently Frank is not the only one on board with this theory. Future T- Shirts maybe?

A lot of strange things come out of Frank's brain, but luckily, they're awesome to look at and all of us Frank Ready fans get to reap the benefits. This Peacock-bass was another recent creation that doesn't really make much sense, but who cares! Frank's imagination runs wild in his art, and we love the world he's creating.

In case you didn't know, Frank is willing to sell many of the pieces he posts, as well as considering commissions. If you want some art to hang on your wall (or your skin) don't hestitate to call us at the shop to inquire about the process!

Not So Cowardly Lion

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's always interesting to see how different clients request subject matter that is often repeated, like this in progress lion tattoo for example. Lion's have long been a popular subject matter, but this tattoo will surely be a new interpretation on this wildly tattooed (pun intended) animal. This particular client was looking for a more fierce, badass lion, the kind of lion you won't f%#k with. And Frank delivered.

While it may be hard to picture now, this lion is going to get the technicolor treatment next session. You can see in the hermes inspired tattoo below a small hint of what is to come in the piece above.

If you prefer your tattoos to be less ferocious, Frank is also happy to tattoo dapper more approachable animals, like this fancy lion. As it turns out thighs are the place for lions to be.

Make sure you stay tuned to the website as well as @frankreadyart on IG for the updates on the Technicolor lion tattoo!

Support Safe Passage and Safe Families (and maybe win some tattoo time!)

Monday, July 14, 2014

As we've mentioned in previous news items Frank is quite the family man with one little one and home and one on the way! That being said Frank is thrilled to support Off the Map's most revent initiative- our monthly charity raffle! For our first charity we will be supporting Safe Passage.

Starting in July we will be starting a monthly raffle for a $300 gift certificate to Off the Map Tattoo. We will be selling raffle tickets for $1.00 each and clients, supporters, friends, can buy as many as you'd like. Heck, even if you don't want a gift certificate, we will have the donation bin rolling every month. Absolutely 100% of all money earned will go to the specified charity of the month. So if you've got a tattoo started with Frank, or one in the works, why not roll the dice for your chance to win time towards your next tattoo. Even if you don't win, you'll be supporting a great cause!

Speaking of families, have you seen this tattoo Frank started? She embodied her pride in her career of being a wet nurse in this beautiful half sleeve in progress. If you want to get a tattoo embracing your job, your family, or both, Frank would be happy to chat with you about your idea!

How do I particpate you're wondering? Simply come to Off the Map to buy as many raffle tickets are you want, or just drop a donation in the bucket, or hop online to their website and donate there. Donate to a great cause AND earn a chance to win a $300 gift certificate to Off the Map Tattoo.

PLEASE help us spread the word!


Do Over

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Getting a tattoo you don't like is really the pitts. Whether it was an impromptu decision that was terrible in hindsight, the wrong choice of artist, or simply a change of heart- living with a tattoo you don't love, can be a huge bummer. The best case of these scenarios is when it's possible to get a "Do over." Not all tattoos are coverable or fixable, but we will be completely honest with you either way.

This particular tattoo was tribal gone wrong. While Frank doesn't normally take on tribal reworks or cover ups, he saw potential in this piece and was able to turn it into something the client was much happier with!

This particular military tattoo was literally older than Frank is. It was an honor for him to "update" what was the definition of "old school" tattooing. Tattooing has evolved so much, tattoos are standing the test of time better than this gem, but still, sometimes aging tattoos will need to be refreshed years down the line.

The piece below is a bit out of Frank's normal style, but he enjoyed doing this successful cover up tattoo. That's right folks, that tattoo is covering some hidden regret, now forgotten mistake, some other thing that I can't even imagine (I really have no idea what was under there) because the cover up is that good.

Don't lose all hope if you're living with a tattoo you don't like. Come chat with Frank and see what your options might be!

Put a Bird on It

Thursday, July 10, 2014

According to Portlandia, pretty much everything is better if you put a bird on it, we don't disagree when it comes to tattoos.

This bird half sleeve was done in two sessions and inspired by William A. Morris. 

This peacock leg piece was done start to finish in one 4 hour session!  Peacock tattoos have been a popular subject matter for a few years now, so it's harder to keep it unique, but we really loved this traditionally inspired spin on the subject matter.

Wait... where did the bird... moving on...

Frank also had fun creating these watercolor birds a few months back inbetween tattoos. 

Birds are always really fun thing to tattoo and the possibilities are really endless. Frank would love to work on more bird tattoos, especially for those willing to let Frank take creative freedom in the style and layout. If you want to put a bird on it, give us a call. 

Inspiration from the Big Screen

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Movies are always an excellent source for inspiration when it comes to tattoos. Much like tattoos, and art in general, movies are meant to evoke a variety of emotions. Often times we hold a connection to a particular movie because of how it made us feel, or who we were with when we saw it. For whatever reason you love a movie, maybe it's also a great reason to get it tattooed! Frank never hestitates when he has an opportunity to draw the Dark Knight himself like in this piece he just recently finished.

The lego movie also gained lots of attention (including Frank's) so he created a small series of these guys. Frank wouldn't mind taking suggestions for what to do next. What kind of lego men and ladies do you want to see? Let Frank know.

And then there's Bill Murray, who's been in pretty much every movie- ever. Frank was playing around with this stylized portraiture a little while back, and would be very interested in having the chance to tattoo in this style. Not to mention, if you love Bill Murray that much your tattoo is already designed!

If there's a movie you love, particularly things involving comic book story lines, legos or pretty much anything with underlying childhood memories, Frank would love to hear your ideas!

The Cat's Meow

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pet tattoos have always been a popular subject matter for clients, and Frank has had a chance to help quite a few cat lovers immortalize their pets in the form of their tattoos! He did this tattoo of “Goz” who is the Sphinx cat of our designer Aaron, over at

Frank also had a chance to tattoo Jen Broy, who we've mentioned more than a few times- she's a wonderful client of the shop and also fabulous photographer (see photos that she shot of Franks son in this previous news item).  Jen is a huge animal lover and between her regular farm, and fostering, she usually has a full house of animals. We’re not sure she actually owns a three headed cat though…

And then there was this super fun tattoo.. the ever popular.... woman eating cat. We don't question these things guys, we just deliver awesome tattoos.

Pets are always great inspiration for tattoos. Whether it’s your dog, cat, hamster, snake or even your imaginary friend, we want to help you express your love for your furry (or made up) partner in crime. Make sure you hop on over to Instagram and following @readytattooart  for all the amazing tattoos, animal and otherwise that Frank is doing, you may even get a glimpse of Frank's cats!

The Process

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Often times clients are unsure of how to go about getting a custom tattoo. Between misinformation on the internet, tattoo shows, and maybe even friend's who have been tattooed in less than ideal environments (tattoo "parties" anyone?), it can get really confusing. The first step is to email, or call the studio to start the process for your free consult. We happen to have a handy dandy link right here, for you to start that process OR you can just click the photo below. Technology, right?

When you come in for your consult, you can bring photos, a computer with reference, or just your ideas. Frank can work with it all. The photo below is an example of how the reference a client brought in was turned into a more styled, original piece. A quick tip- any honest, reputable tattooer will not copy someone else's tattoo exactly, so bring tattoos you like as a starting point, but be flexible enough, and allow your artist enough creativity to use is at inspiration and make it their own.

Once you and your artist finish talking, the next step will be making an appointment. We'll look at the calendar and find a date that works with both of your schedules. Be prepared to leave a deposit to secure your spot! At Off the Map we require a minimum of a $50 deposit. Tip #2- be prepared to wait a little bit. As we type this news item Frank is currently booking into the middle of August. We know it can seem disappointing when it doesn't happen right away, but remember- tattoos are a life long commitment. In the larger scheme of things, waiting a few months for the perfect tattoo is well worth it.

When you come in for your appointment you will have a chance to see the line drawing before it's tattooed, or in some instances, Frank might draw right on you! Either way you will have ample time to critique and change anything you'd like before you take the plunge into permanency.

Then a few things happen in between- we won't lie, it's a bit painful, but it's really not that bad- and viola! You have a new fancy piece of art that will last you a lifetime! All you need to do from there is start thinking about your next tattoo!

The process of getting tattooed can seem a bit overwhelming, but we promise you- with Frank and Off the Map, you're in good hands. You can call the shop 7 days a week to get the ball rolling or you can also shoot Frank an email. We hope to hear from you soon!

Black Magic

Monday, June 30, 2014

 We all have our virtues and our vices, and some of us, chose to get them tattooed on us. Often times we find clients struggling to find tattoos that are particularly meaningful and sentimental, but sometimes the most fun tattoos, are the ones that are of things we simply love. Just like this tattoo one of our clients Heather got, because well… she just really likes coffee and coconuts. If either were available through IV she would gladly oblige.

While there will always be a place for profound, and meaningful tattoos, and those tattoos can often be very powerful and healing for people, we also encourage people to remember tattoos are also FUN!

Want a toad smoking a pipe?  Frank can do that.

Maybe you just fancy guitars (by the way this was a walk in tattoo)!

Perhaps there was a childhood memory that shaped who you are today. Ninja turtles anyone?

So if you’ve ever had a tattoo idea that you thought was silly, maybe it’s not as silly as you thought! Coffee tattoos, toad tattoos, ninja turtle tattoos, bring it on! Come talk to Frank, chat about your fun, silly, out of the box tattoo idea! You can start the process by filling out a FREE CONSULT form anytime!


Home is Where... the Shop Is

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been just about a year since Frank moved from Oklahoma to join the staff of Off the Map Tattoo full time. Like all of our full time artists, Frank’s journey to become part of the OTM team started with a guest spot in January 2013. After a few guest spots he settled in full time June 30 of last year! Anniversaries are always a wonderful time to reflect and we couldn’t be more impressed with Frank’s growth in the past year.

Interestingly enough, since Frank moved to work with us, one of the tattoos that caught our eye when he first applied is this Home Sweet Home tattoo. Even now it’s still one of our favorites!

Frank has also dazzled us with his constant art creation in off hours. It’s incredible that these pieces are just a (very) small portion, of what he’s created in the past year.

Of course we can’t forget to highlight what he was hired to do! Here’s one of our very favorite tattoos he’s done since he joined us full time. This fancy lion tattoo was on a tough cookie of a client that sat super well!

Last but not least, we can’t forget to mention, how seriously fabulous his legs are.

Please join us in congratulating Frank in a productive, fun filled time as a Massachusetts resident, Off the Map artist, and (if we can be a bit sentimental) a joy in our lives! Here’s to many more years!

Stayed tuned to and follow @readytattooart on Instagram for constant updates.

Illuminated Transformation

Monday, June 23, 2014

One of the best parts of working at Off the Map Tattoo is the inspiration of being around other talented tattoo artists and having a shop full of positive creative energy. When Watson Atkinson came for his most recent guest spot Frank took full advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with Watson in the form of his very own "Illuminated Transformation"

Frank acted as the canvas for Watson's beautiful creation spanning from above Frank's temple, all the way to his chin. Watson specializes in patterned and geometric tattooing. Watson channels feelings and inspiration from the universe as he creates custom tattoos that are meant particularly for the specific client. 

When tattoo artists get to be the client, it's an opportunity, not just for them to collect a new piece of art themselves, but also a learning experience. It gives them a chance to add new tips and tricks to their own tattooing arsenal in order to become better tattooers themselves. Frank has been known to incorporate some patterns and geometry into his traditionally inspired tattoos as well, like in this fox tattoo he did a few months back. 

Maybe this post will inspire you to think outside the box for your next tattoo. For more inspiration you can view Frank's full tattoo gallery and also make sure to check out Watson's full Illuminated Transformation series. Frank looks forward to completeing the other side of his head with Watson, maybe even as soon as his next stint at Off the Map August 4-8.

It's never too soon to start collaborating with your artist for your very own transfomation, so feel free to book a free consult with Frank to start the process!

The Flash Machine is Alive!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Quick shot of a sheet I did Monday... I'll post a better photo in my art section soon...It started off as nonsensical and ended up finding its own theme by the time I was finished... I give to you, the sheet of sharp shit! I would love to tattoo any of these pieces on virtually anyone that wants one... I'll also be posting flash quite regularly with tattoos that are up for grabs.. so stay tuned. Hadouken!

Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Another Mother's day will soon be in the bag. I am off to the studio to do a few tattoos...

Here is a video of Go West in mom jeans... 


right here!

A post of things to come

Friday, May 9, 2014

Thanks to all of the fine people I've had the privilege of working on in the past few weeks,...

1. I have a ton of tattoos in various stages of completion that I am really jazzed about

2. A few pieces that I am working on (like 20) for near future clients

3. More tattoos to post on my site in the coming weeks!


So if you haven't already.. take a look at my older stuff and await something new.. as always thank you for looking. and cheers!

my power animal is amused.

Who doesn't like a little inspiration.

Friday, May 9, 2014





the curious case of the amazing mondays

Monday, May 5, 2014

A few things happened yesterday for me. I celebrated star wars day by going out and seeing another Disney movie (doesn't that slightly bother everyone just a titch?), The Amazing Spider-man 2! Without giving away any spoilers (which is really hard to do when talking about a film you enjoyed) I will say that SHIT GOT REAL for spidey in a way that has me very excited to see the next installment. Jamie Foxx brought Electro to life in a way that I've never seen before and actually made him a kick ass villain. At one point in the film I actually found the 12 year old inside of me clutching a comic book screaming "There's just no way that he can win.. how do you fight that?? we're doomed!". Its pretty safe to say that I was drawn in. Not to mention the 3D was stellar... I hadn't seen a movie in 3D since the last transformers and I thought I was over it. after a few minutes I completely forgot that I was even wearing glasses (outside of the slight ear strain from them being the only line of defense aside from the bridge of my nose to keep them on my face) and I was completely into it.. unless my eyes have just adjusted to accommodate lower frame rates and motion skips, I feel that 3D in films has come leaps and bounds in recent years... hmm... Maybe i should work on creating a 3D tattoo. A few things happened yesterday for me, but this post is already pretty long.. ill recap the rest later.

a few Sunday words of encouragement

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

Jesse Owens

In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves... self-discipline with all of them came first.

Harry S. Truman

Respect your efforts, respect yourself. Self-respect leads to self-discipline. When you have both firmly under your belt, that's real power.

Clint Eastwood

Im too drunk to taste this chicken.

Ricky Bobby

and may the 4th be with you.

the little things

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This picture just makes me happy. My client came in today to show me how her maternity inspired piece was healing. She was holding the little guy and I just had to capture it as I saw it. This summed up the entire idea behind the tattoo for me. Regardless of how it sounds it was heart warming and I just wanted to share. Little things like this make what I do day to day feel like even less of an actual job and I remember why I started started tattooing in the first place. Thank you. It will be an honor to finish this piece in a few short weeks. Thanks for looking.

New Tattoos

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I have new work in the tattoo section.. give it a look and thank you for looking. cheers!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Follow me on instagram... I post more frequently there.. mainly because of ease of use. I will give a lot more attention to this site in the coming months.. and thats possibly a promise.




See you there!


Animal tattoos for endangered species

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello again! Im wicked excited about today, enough to make this quick post and share it with you all. Here's the deal... every year at off the map we take a day out to do something special and in our way give back to those who made need a little more help than they are already getting. This year we are focusing on endangered wildlife... as people are already lining up outside the shop almost three hours early my artists and i are preparing to do our part by marathon tattooing as many people as we can in an eight hour period to raise money and I hope even more awareness to a growing list of animals that we are in danger of loosing forever. To everyone that can make it out.. you are the people who make what we want to do possible and i cant thank you enough... to everyone who reads this after today and dont live near one of the eleven participating shops... you can still do your part, donate to something you feel strongly about.. or just get a tattoo so you dont feel left out..and i still like you... lol For more information about what were doing you can click this link. Check out some of the flash we have created, im preatty sure even Damon Conklin created a small sheet...nobody wants to miss that, hes awesome!Western black rhino... you will be missed.

Good Morning America.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Its a beautiful new england morning... im enjoying my coffee and watching olympus has fallen (this film should really be called the day everyone in DC died but Gerard Butler with the bad guy from Tomorrow Never Dies)... my sons sitting next to me eating what I can only make out to be a green crayon and I'm getting ready to paint an early morning jam. Deathstroke the destroyer, well kind of.. inspired by the CW tv show Arrow which in my oppinion doesn't suck... stay tuned I'll post a finished product. Cheers.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Good afternoon everyone! I'm Carrie South and this is one of my cat pinups. Frank left me in charge of updating the website today... So I shall take this chance to let the world know that soon we will have our Etsy shop back up and running. We will be selling limited high quality prints of our newest paintings. Stay tuned for some pretty awesome and slightly strange painting updates from the Ready household.

Jennifer Broy

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I can't thank you enough for the photo session. This is just one of a few awesome shots. More to come in later days. (there is a headshot in the about me section.) Thanks again!

Gentle Josh Makowski

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I got a new machine in the mail Monday... used it today and I'm in freaking love with it. Greatwave Irons makes beautiful hardware thats sturdy and functional.. and I will have more of them in my collection. Thanks again man! This is killer.

Fight club 2!! well.. kind of

Sunday, November 3, 2013

If there is one thing I love more than tattoos and pumpkin pie, it would have to be comic books.. ( or in this case graphic novels ). If I could add another tally to that list it would easily be the movie Fight Club (1999 theatrical wonderment ).  Well I just about made a mess of my batman undies when I read an article on contactmusic and then right after, this one from entertainmentwise. Check them out for all of the importand details and synopsis, but I'm super excited that Chuck Palahniuk is writing a sequel, set ten years after the bullet through the cheek death of Tyler Durden. Whats even more exciting to me is that hes doing it in graphic novel form. I personally would love to see another movie starring Brad Pitt and Mr. Norton, but when it comes to cult classics from my adolesence... Ill take what I can get.

New Tattoos

Friday, November 1, 2013

Just added a couple new tattoos on the main page. Check them out and thank you for looking. Cheers.